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Managing In The Public Sector

RRP $511.99

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Casebooks in public administration have become intensely sophisticated with complex scenarios, richly detailed multi-step simulations, and demanding role playing requirements. While these types of cases and exercises have their place,Managing in the Public Sector is a casebook designed with maximum instructor flexibility and student engagement in mind. Featuring cases brief enough to be covered in the last few minutes of a class as well as those substantive enough to last the entire hour, this book allows instructors to illustrate theoretical concepts, encourage active student participation, to make a transition between topics, or to integrate different approaches to administrative study.

Retaining the first edition's use of focused, real-life-inspired cases to help elucidate the application of concepts for students, the second edition has been updated and revised throughout to include:

  • An expanded chapter on ethical analysis

  • A new section on how to make logical arguments

  • Thoroughly updated cases as well as many new contemporary cases

  • New chapter introductions featuring overviews of major leadership and ethical theories to provide students with the context they need

  • Discussion questions at the end of each case to facilitate critical analysis and classroom discussion

  • A cross-listing of all cases and subject matter in an appendix for quick topical reference.

Now even more enmeshed in the literature of ethics, leadership, and public administration,Managing in the Public Sector, 2e provides authentic, hands-on experience of the decisions public administrators must face. It is an ideal casebook to supplement undergraduate and graduate public administration, leadership, human resource management, or administrative ethics courses.

Bundling As A Leveraging Concern Under Ec Competition Law

RRP $567.99

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Despite great strides in enforcement of the cartel prohibition of article 81 EC and major merger control reform, EC competition law still lacks clear standards for anti-competitive abuses under article 82 EC. In a masterful engagement with this issue, The thoughtful and original analysis in this book focuses on tying and bundling. Although these ubiquitous business practices are primarily addressed under article 82 EC as constituting abusive behavior, a wealth of economics literature emphasizes their strategic and efficiency motivations. However, there is a balance to be found, As this book ably demonstrates. In the course of the analysis, The author zeroes in on such central questions as the following: bull; What tests are available to determine whether two products are distinct or not? bull; Under which circumstances is anti-competitive leveraging feasible? bull; Which efficiency motivations should be accepted? bull; How does one valuate the possible efficiencies in the short run And The risk of leveraging effects in the long run? bull; What factors should be considered when answering the separate product issue? bull; What are the implications For The burden of proof under article 82 EC? bull; Does the application of a more effects-based approach under article 82 also affect the dominance analysis? In his examination of the various responses to these probing questions, the author is able to formulate a very useful diagnosis of what factors determine whether a tied or bundled entity is likely to engender anti-competitive effects. The presentation is supported throughout by detailed reference to relevant legal-economic doctrine, laws, and judicial interpretation by European and U.S. courts, The European Commission, and antitrust agencies. In its development of effects-based tests for assessing tying and bundling practices, this important book will be of special value to policymakers and regulatory officials involved in enforcement of EC or Member State competition law. it will also be welcomed by academics in both law and economics as a truly cogent and workable approach To The solution of one of the most vital and intriguing debates in the antitrust field.

How To Not Screw Up When Managing A Remote Team

RRP $12.99

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The main question of the eBook is 'how to not screw up when managing a remote team?' To answer this question, the first chapter zooms into why you would setup an offshore team. Without asking that question, your sole motive might be pure cost savings or to speed up your project on the short term. If those are the only motives, chances are big that you come out disappointed. Managing remote teams, with big geographical, cultural and language gaps, is not easy and needs careful thinking and preparation. Hugo Messer, a global staffing expert from the Netherlands, writes about the why from the 'vendor' perspective. Hugo has gained substantial experience in setting up and managing remote teams, with suppliers, freelancers and own offices. Then Zhenya Rozinskiy, an experienced outsourcer from the US, writes from the 'buyer' perspective about the reasons, risks and rewards. Zhenya has been involved in setting up remote development teams for over 15 years for companies of various sizes and in many different countries. Furthermore, to prepare you for the journey, three authors share their insights into the pitfalls of offshoring and how to prevent them. They describe real practical lessons learned, supported by cases from their daily work. Each of them looks at success from a different angle, one as the liaison between the Netherlands and India, one as consultant, and one as nearshore provider. Erik Joustra works for Tech Mahindra, a large Indian outsourcing company. He runs their Dutch office and acts as a delivery manager to accommodate Dutch multinationals working with their Indian teams. Katie Gove, is the CEO of Trellis, a consulting company from Denmark focused on outsourcing. She has seen many projects go wrong and will share some of these stories as well as how to prevent them. Nataly lives in Ukraine and works for Intercomputer, an outsourcing provider from Ukraine. She has gained experience in different outsourcing companies in the past ten years and looks at the pitfalls and success factors from the supplier's point of view. This is the first eBook in a series of eBooks that will be published within a couple of months interval and later on in one printed book. The eBooks are being written through a crowdwriting project and the authors are experts from all over the world.

Insensitive Semantics

RRP $245.99

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Insensitive Semantics is an overview of and contribution to the debates about how to accommodate context sensitivity within a theory of human communication, investigating the effects of context on communicative interaction and, as a corollary, what a context of utterance is and what it is to be in one.

  • Provides detailed and wide-ranging overviews of the central positions and arguments surrounding contextualism

  • Addresses broad and varied aspects of the distinction between the semantic and non-semantic content of language

  • Defends a distinctive and explanatorily powerful combination of semantic minimalism and speech act pluralism

  • Confronts core problems which not only run to the heart of philosophy of language and linguistics, but which arise in epistemology, metaphysics, and moral philosophy as well

Total Quality In Managing Human Resources

RRP $385.99

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Human resource management is a particularly challenging role, both domestically and globally. This challenge can be viewed either as an opportunity or as a threat. As an opportunity, the principles and practices of total quality presented in this book can help human resource professionals or anyone who manages people, transform institutionalized mediocrity into organizational excellence.
The focus of this book is on managing the difference TQ makes in human resources. Whereas the traditional nature and scope of responsibility for most human resource professionals has been that of staff support geared to administrative compliance, the total quality approach offered here reveals the keys to developing and sustaining commitment to world-class performance. These keys include strategic input and continual improvement of the human resource system to enhance internal and external customer satisfaction both now and in the future. The full meaning of these new TQ role demands is explored in light of the driving forces reshaping the HR environment into the 21st Century.
In addition, this book offers practitioner assessment instruments, practical TQ tools, and specific implementation steps to take in order to make the TQ difference in managing human resources domestically and globally.


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