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Handbook On Radiation Probing, Gauging Imaging And Analysis

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The need for this book arose from my teaching, engineering, and - search experience in the non-power aspects of nuclear technology. The lack of a comprehensive textbook in industrial applications of radiation frustrated my students, who had to resort to a multitude of textbooks and research publications to familiarize themselves with the fundam- tal and practical aspects of radiation technology. As an engineer, I had to acquire the design aspects of radiation devices by trial-and-error, and often by accidental reading of a precious publication. As a researcher and a supervisor of graduate students, I found that the needed literature was either hard to find, or too scattered and diverse. More than once, I discovered that what appeared to be an exciting new idea was an old concept that was tried a few decades earlier during the golden era of "Atom for Peace". I am hoping, therefore, that this book will serve as a single comprehensive reference source in a growing field that I expect will continue to expand. This book is directed to both neophytes and experts, and is written to combine the old and the new, the basic and the advanced, the simple and the complex. It is anticipated that this book will be of help in - viving older concepts, improving and expanding existing techniques and promoting the development of new ones.

How To Get Prepared For Managing A Remote Team

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The main focus of this eBook is "How to get prepared for managing a remote team." Typical questions that come up while preparing are: Which country shall we outsource our work to?; What project shall we choose to start with?; Which company suits our needs best?; Shall we set up our own captive center or outsource to a partner?; Are we organized well enough to start offshoring work? Most people tend to focus a lot on these 'initiation' questions at the expense of wondering 'how to organize'. Preparation is seen as selecting the right country and partner and then 'just get going'. Many problems can be prevented by investing time in the right organization before the 'real work' starts. In this eBook, we try to provide advice on both perspectives, based on experiences from several experts around the globe. The first chapter is written by Hugo Messer, he describes how to get started. The main questions he answered in this chapter are related to 'initiation' and the questions above. Hugo has gained substantial experience in setting up and managing remote teams, with suppliers, freelancers and own offices. Then, Patrick van Dun, an experienced 'offshore founder', provides guidelines on the choice of setting up your own remote office versus engaging a partner. Zhenya Rozinskiy discusses his best practices for getting the right people on your team. Zhenya has set up several teams around the world. Amanda Crouch from the UK has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant and researcher. She looks at stimulating collaboration at the company and individual level. Ove Holmberg, an IT project manager and agile coach from Sweden, describes his concept of the virtual teamroom. Andreas Brilling from Germany works as engagement manager for CapGemini and has led a large offshoring initiative from Australia. In the final chapter Hugo shares his personal story of how he got started with setting up his own offices in India and Ukraine. This is the second eBook in a series of eBooks that will be published within a couple of month's interval and later on into one printed book. These eBooks are being written through a crowdwriting project and the authors are experts from all over the world.

Diagnostic Imaging Of Infections And Inflammatory Diseases

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Thoroughly and systematically presents the state-of-the-art in the diagnostic uses of radiologic imaging and nuclear medicine in the diagnosis and management of infectious and inflammatory diseases

Although our understanding of microorganisms has advanced significantly and antimicrobial therapy has become increasingly available, infection remains a major cause of patient morbidity and mortality. Imaging of infection and inflammation provides a classic example of radiology and nuclear medicine?s strengths as well as weaknesses in the discovery and diagnosis of disease. Fortunately, the weaknesses are subsiding as new studies and techniques point to better planning and precision in the use of single and combined imaging modalities.

Diagnostic Imaging of Infections and Inflammatory Diseases: A Multidisciplinary Approach deals with the very latest developments in the use of radiologic techniques and modalities in the management of patients with a host of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Tremendously timely and useful, this innovative, multidisciplinary book covers a wide range of topics in three parts:

PART 1: Infections and Host Response

  • Epidemiology of Infections in the New Century
  • Bacterial Osteomyelitis: the Clinician Point of View

PART 2: Radiological Imaging

  • Radiological Imaging of Osteomyelitis
  • Radiological Imaging of Spine Infection
  • Radiological Imaging of Soft Tissue Infections
  • Radiological Imaging of Abdominal Infections and Inflammatory Disease
  • Radiological Imaging of Vascular Graft Infection
  • Radiological Imaging of TB and HIV

PART 3: Nuclear Medicine Imaging

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Infections: Techniques, Acquisition Protocols, and Interpretation Criteria
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Osteomyelitis: WBC, Monoclonal Antibody, or Bacterial Imaging?
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Spondylodiscitis: The Emerging Role of PET
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Soft Tissue Infections
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Infections and Inflammatory Diseases of the Abdomen
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Vascular Graft Infections: The Added Role of Hybrid Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of TB and HIV
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Fever of Unknown Origin
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Inflammatory Diseases

Along with carefully developed clinical cases describing the management of patients with inflammation and infection, Diagnostic Imaging of Infections and Inflammatory Diseases is an ideal guide for radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians as well as clinical specialists from many other fields.

The Romantic Adventures Of A Milkmaid

RRP $13.99

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Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) was one of the most famous authors of the Victorian Era. Hardy is best known for novels such as Far from the Madding Crowd and Tess of the d'Urbervilles but he also was a very influential poet.

Nuclear Cardiology And Correlative Imaging

RRP $958.99

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Drs. Vitola and Delbeke assembled a group of standout contributors in order to create a resource that advances the knowledge and skills of experienced nuclear cardiologists and radiologists while also preparing residents for the cutting-edge field of nuclear cardiology. Diagnostic tools, physics and instrumentation, and radiopharmaceuticals and protocols central to the field are examined. The comprehensive text covers key applications of myocardial perfusion imaging, including applications in special populations and in emergency departments. Risk assessment, pitfalls, and artefacts are addressed. Additional chapters detail the value of cardiac MRI, multislice computed tomography, stress echocardiography, and PET and PET/CT to nuclear cardiology. Practical case presentations and a wealth of illustrations reinforce instruction on diagnostic guidelines and methods.


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